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Your Brand deserves an Audience, not mere clicks! We offer a full outsourcing service to narrate Your Brand in Series of stories, documentaries, even fictions: all with the goal to build, engage and keep loyal an ultra targeted community ! People look for almost every good by searching on Google. We are much skilled in getting the Content we create for Your Brand atop of Google for strategical keywords: Almost 90% of clicks on Google falls on Page 1 results and almost 65% on first 5 results. So if we rank you on Page 1 or even within first 5, as you see above, we drive to Your Brand contents a big stake of the audience. Then? They will not find a long article that almost nobody reads. They watch a short, original, attractive video with a unique look&feel and a story, interesting for the keywords ranked. In the Video we can place your Brand story and other interesting infos for the...


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Web TV Revolution Manifesto Web has become ubiquitous and it is almost the only intermediary between each of us and what we are looking to know, buy, experience. Every Business, micro, small, medium, large, needs to be found by its audience. Only 15% of Google users clicks on Google AdWords. It means Your Business cannot just use AdWords, otherwise You will be losing the 85% of your potential Customers. This 85% clicks on Google Organic Search Results (GOSR). The 90% of the clicks falls on GOSR page 1, so the first 10 results. The 70% clicks on the first 5 results of GOSR. If You think that Your Business can be developed without the Web, it means You are reasonably going to fail in few months/years. The competition is Global or Local, in both cases the Web will intermediate between Your Brand and Your potential Customers. Web TV Revolution offers great content with top ranking for...

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GROW YOUR AUDIENCE WITH SOCCER CONTENTS! Check our Plans here! – Unique TV with Vintage Football Movies from 70ies and 80ies as well as exclusive Series about Football History. Ideal to associate Your Brand to High Quality content within one of the most popular verticals as Football is! Available on Smart TV, Tablet, Smartphones, Desktop, Laptop. Go to Social Football TV Check our Plans...

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