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Mediaway Broadband Television Ltd is the company formed and grown within the E-GO Project, the incubator of the global Telco leader Ericsson (Nasdaq: Eric).

Founded by Andrea Cilento, the pioneer of Web TV in Italy since 1997, Mediaway has been the first Publisher of Thematic Channels and Premium Contents conceived and produced exclusively for the Web. Big Soccer Clubs, Music Pop Stars, Banks, Corporations have been among the many Web TV created by Mediaway.

Since 2011 Mediaway has beenTelecom Italia (former incumbent Telco Carrier in Italy) Partner for the New TV Business models through the New TV Business Board, formed jointly to study the new publishing and business models for IPTV, Mobile TV, Web TV.

Mediaway’s Web TV Solution became part of Ericsson’s Products Portfolio for the Market Unit South East Europe since dicember 2008 and was sold as an Ericsson Branded solution to prestigious Corporates.

Since 2003, Mediaway has developed a proprietary IPTV solution, able to deliver linear and on demand channels through set top box connected to TV screens. This Product as well became part of Ericsson’s portfolio since 2007, proposed to Romanian Carrier ROMTELECOM as IPTV Solution for the Moldova as well as other testing in Russia and UAE.

Our challenge is now to open the Brand TV Storytelling Market also to small-medium size Companies globally. Join us in our new venture!

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