ArtHistory TV Brand Promotion Service Agreement

Brand Reputation/Promotion
Service Agreement 



Mediaway Broadband Television Ltd (hereinafter mentioned as “Publisher”) a company incorporated under the law of the United Kingdom, with its registered office in 103 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4PU, UK, company registration number 06723259.


The Brand, hereby represented by any company or physical body anyhow subscribing one or more of the Publisher’s online plans, by completing the web registration and subscription path with successful payment.

The Publisher owns the online Television Art History TV, available at and on various social media (hereinafter mentioned as “Channel”)

The Brand considers the Channel as an excellent media to develop its reputation by appearing with its contents associated with the Channel’s editorial contents.

The Parties agree as follows:

  1. The messages, contents anyhow representing the Brand, will remain online as far as this agreement is active with regular payment provided by the Brand. In case of interruption and/or breach of this agreement validity, the Publisher can stop the publication of the Brand’s contents and can delete any contents representing the Brand from each and all the Publisher’s properties.
  2. It is up to the Brand to provide the contents needed to promote itself within the Channel. These contents will be provided in the format and technical specifications required by the Publisher. The Brand will bear each and any cost to create and provide its contents to the Publisher.
  3. The placements of the Brand’s Contents within the Channel are that specified in the plan subscribed online on the Publisher’s site, exclusively in charge to sell the placements for
  4. Either the Publisher and the Brand can cancel the validity of this agreement with 2 months prior notice. 
  5. In case of unpaid invoices by the Brand in favor of the Publisher, the latter will have the faculty to suspend any publication of the Brand’s contents until payments are back in good standing. In case of delay of one payment for more than 15 days, the Publisher can break this agreement and delete each and all the Brand’s contents from the Channel.
  6. The Publisher has no liability on end users comments, feedbacks, reviews about the Brand, anyhow generated by the execution of this agreement.
  7. The Publisher has no liability on the size and any parameters of the audience that will be obtained by the execution of this agreement. The Brand considers valuable the placements of its contents in the Channel as it is. The style, subject, quality of the Channel’s contents are solely decided by the Publisher and accepted by the Brand. No refund is anyhow due to the Brand in any case. If one or more errors occurs to the Publisher during the execution of this agreement, the latter will only correct the error at his earliest convenience.
  8. The subscription of this agreement is completed online with the payment by the Brand of the first month of the chosen promotion plan. The subscription authorise the Publisher to start the operations, publishing the Brand’s contents as per the subscribed plan. As far as the first payment is not successful, this agreement has no validity.
  9. It is sole responsibility of the Brand to provide its contents to the Publisher. In case of delay by the Brand in providing its contents, the plan must be anyway paid in full and on time and no refund is due for any delay in the execution of this agreement anyhow caused by a misconduct of the Brand.
  10. The Brand accepts each and all the Terms and conditions of this agreement.
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